Full advantage

External installation on the window frame will allow you to take full advantage of the system's properties ensuring thermal protection. The screen is guided in a classic guide.


  • The best protection against the sun and heat - absorbs and reflects heat radiation.
  • It allows us to view outside also when the roller blind is down.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Easy access to the roller blind inside in case of service.
  • Guide rails provide stabilization and tension of the fabric.
  • A wide range of fabrics allows you to optimally adapt the screens both in terms of function as well as visually to the building facade.
  • The composition of fabrics containing glass fibers and PVC allows them to be cleaned, rolling wet.
  • A mechanism with a brake enables the proper rolling of the fabric.
Window with Vegas One Screen roller blind mounted in guide rail by Hosten company

More information is available at www.roletyvegas.pl