Classic elegance enlarged

A new version of Vegas Classic system with increased fabric capacity. Like the standard Classic, it is available with both aluminium and PVC cassette and it can be mounted with four screws to the glazing bead. Additionally it has been advanced with the possibility of mounting with double-sided tape and fitting Day and Night fabric in both aluminium and PVC cassettes.

Key information

1. Versions of cassette and runners : ALU and PVC
2. Versions of the fabric: standard and ‘day and night’
3. Colour versions of long elements:
- Mass-coloured elements: white, brown, anthracite
- Powder-coated elements: white, brown, anthracite
- Veneered elements: golden oak, walnut, mahogany, rustic oak, pine, winchester, anthracite
4. Mounting variants: screwed or glued to the glazing bead
5. Guide variants: flat, rounded (for rounded beads)
6. Can be removed from the window: Yes

Max. height: 220 cm
Max. width: 170 cm

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