Large is not a challenge

Classic free-hanging half-cassette system with extended fabric capacity. It can be mounted in various ways:  above the window or on the ceiling or inside the window bay. Perfect for covering large surfaces. It can be easily removed and remounted without the need to unscrew the mounting hangers.

Key information

  1. Versions of the cassette: ALU
  2. 2 versions of the fabric: standard and ‘day and night’
  3. Colour versions of long elements:
    • Powder-coated elements: white, brown, anthracite
    • Veneered elements: golden oak, walnut, mahogany, rustic oak, pine, winchester, anthracite
  4. Mounting variants: screwed
  5. Can be removed from the window: Yes

Max. height: 260 cm
Max. width: 260 cm.

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