Benefits at little cost

Vegas Mini is a non-cassette system with string guides.This is the cheapest roller blind system that will fit every window and every interior. Its minimum cost goes hand in hand with a range of benefits. As distinct from competitive solutions, the shutter strings are ledbehind, not beside the fabric. In effect, you can’t hook up the string with your hand when opening the window, while the blind itself doesn’t get caught on the window handle. With its light design, Vegas Mini looks perfectly on every window.

Key information


1. Versions of the cassette and runners:  none
2. Versions of the fabric: standard and ‘day and night’
3. Colour versions:
- Mass-coloured elements: white, brown, anthracite
- Powder-coated elements: white, brown, anthracite
- Veneered elements: golden oak, walnut, mahogany, rustic oak, pine, winchester, anthracite
4. Mounting variants: non-invasive on aluminium hangers, screwed
5. Guide variants: string guides
6. Can be removed from the window: Yes

Max. height: 230 cm
Max. width: 170 cm.

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