Up and down - any way you like it

Vegas Mix system is an exceptionally innovative product of unique performance and usage qualities. The system is based on an aluminium cassette and string guides. It is mounted with screws to the glazing bead without damaging the window frame.The cassette is of compact dimensions which makes it look subtle and discreet on every window.

Thanks to the string guides, braking system and spring mechanism which stretches and rolls up the fabric, both the cassette and the bottom bar can be moved freely adjusting the extent of window coverage.

Key information

  1. Versions of the cassette and runners: ALU
  2. Versions of the fabric: standard
  3. Colour versions of long elements:
    • Powder-coated elements: white, brown, anthracite
    • Veneered elements: golden oak, walnut, mahogany, rustic oak, pine, winchester, anthracite
  4. Mounting variants: screwed
  5. Guide variants:string guiding
  6. Can be removed from the window: No

Max. height: 130 cm
Max. width: 150 cm.


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