Shape does matter

The key part of the Vegas Prime system is the cover, the form of which was developed in an intensive design and experimental process. It is a combination of a shape that prevents the accumulation of dirt and an elegant line of the roller blind that does not need to be hidden from the world. The upper part of the roller shutter box has a contoured shape at an optimal angle, from which invasive dirt slides off. In addition, the rear line of the side flap has an appropriate profiling angle that affects the stability of the box, thanks to which we do not have to invasively attach it to the wall.

Visible difference

Design and functionality

An important element of the structure is also the tightness of the box, which guarantees the proper functioning of the roller shutter mechanisms for many years. This is achieved by the special shape of the Vegas Prime side cover, which guarantees high resistance of the blind. These features guarantee a long failure-free operation of the roller shutter, and at the same time it remains “designer”. There is no need to hide it for aesthetic reasons, because it is simply elegant. Of course, apart from the default front-mounting, it is possible to mount the Prime roller shutters in the window recess and built-in.

Tailored to your needs

Prime comes in three sizes. The trade names are Prime 138, 165 and 185. Each of these groups offers different box sizes and different maximum sizes.

Prime 138Prime 165Prime 185
maximum height without mosquito net160 cm239 cm338 cm
maximum height
with mosquito net
138 cm215 cm250 cm

Key features

  1. Vegas Prime shape and design prevents any excess of water, snow, dust to remain on the roller shutter. Your
    Vegas Prime roller shutter will stay clean and tidy at all times throughout the whole year.
  2. Integrated insect screen – up to 250 cm high. It is equipped with a brake that slows down the insect screen when rolling up.
  3. Rear profile – available in different heights depending on the needs. Wherever budget version is required 108mm rear profile might be used to lower the cost of the roller shutter.
  4. Revision profile– in case of service, the box may be revised from the bottom. Thanks to wide range of colours, it will meet everyone’s needs.
  5. L-slat profile – makes it easy to transform Vegas Prime roller shutter, into a built-in roller shutter ready to be incorporated into the wall of any building, at any time.
  6. Styrofoam llers – covers the roller shutter box making it easy to apply wall external insulation. In addition it tunes out the sounds coming out of the roller shutter making the roller shutter operation very quiet.
  7. Box side covers – mask all imperfections of front cover’s cut sides. No screws or rivets will be visible from outside.

Versions of the Prime roller shutter


Mounted in the recess


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