Vegas Revo

Revo Box Sizes:

• 165 mm x 240 mm (height x width)
• 205 mm x 240 mm (height x width)
• 260 mm x 240 mm (height x width)

The shutter box of the Revo system can be mounted onto a window frame in two ways:
• With a reinforced, universal PVC adapter suited to each type of window frame profiles
• With one of five dedicated aluminium adapters suited to appropriate types of window frame profiles.

In the case of the PVC adapter, the shutter is integrated into the window by clicking the box on to an adapter profile attached to the top surface of the frame. Where the aluminium adapters are used, the shutter is joined with the window by sliding the box on to the aluminium adapter attached to the window frame.


Depending on needs or preferences, each box may be equipped with 2 types of revision: from the bottom or from the front.

Insect Screen:

Revo shutter boxes, 205 mm x 240 mm or 260 mm x 240 mm when mounted on the universal PVC adapter, can also be equipped with a roll-up insect screen, integrated into the box.

The insect screen curtain has a brake preventing the net from folding violently inside the roller. It is locked when down by an easy-click bottom strip block.
This insect screen system is unique for the possibility of making multiple, independent insect screen curtains within a single box.


Vegas Revo, top-mounted roller shutter, allows for free adjustment to individual needs: it can be fully incorporated in the building, partly incorporated from the outside or inside, or non-incorporated.

Other characteristics:

• Excellent thermal permeability provided by high-quality Styrofoam or Neopor
• Bottom or front revision
• Possibility to make a set of separate rollershutter slat curtains within one box
• A rich variety of veneer colours to choose from
• A system for anchoring the box top profile to the window head all across the shutter. This provides for secure fixing of the shutter and window assembly.
• Excellent winding capacity of the boxes – up to 400 mm in the 260mm box, up to 355 cm in the 205mm box, and 200 cm in the 165mm box


Manuals and technical documentation of the Vegas Revo system are available at