Intuitive durability

Vegas Revo is one of the most recognizable external top mounted roller shutter systems on the market. The system has been designed on the basis of many years of experience and guidance of specialists and practitioners in the shielding industry, taking into account the needs and requirements of today's market. Thanks to this and numerous innovative solutions introduced during many years of presence on the market, the system has gained the trust of customers and major companies in the industry.


Easy adjustment

The Revo system offers three sizes of roller shutter boxes:

  • 165 mm x 240 mm (height x width)
  • 205 mm x 240 mm
  • 260 mm x 240 mm

In addition, the Revo system allows you to choose one of the 2 available options for mounting the roller shutter box on the window frame:

  • by means of a universal PVC adapter with a reinforced structure, fitted for each type of window frame profile
  • using one of 5 dedicated aluminum adapters, matched to the appropriate types of window frame profiles

In the case of the PVC adapter, the shutter is joined with the window by clicking the box on the adapter profile previously screwed to the upper surface of the frame. For aluminum adapters, the roller shutter is connected to the window by sliding the box over the adapter, previously screwed to the window frame.

Great possibilities

Each of the boxes, depending on the needs, can be equipped with 2 types of access: from the bottom or from the front.

Revo roller shutter boxes with dimensions of 205 mm x 240 mm and 260 mm x 240 mm, with the option of mounting on a universal PVC adapter, can also be equipped with a mosquito net winding integrated in the box. The mosquito net curtain has a brake to prevent the net from rapidly rolling up inside the roller shutter and is locked in the lowered position thanks to the easyclick lock of the bottom rail. The Revo system has implemented a unique solution of divided mosquito net reels, which allows for the creation of any number of independent windings of nets in one box and with the use of one curtain.

The Vegas Revo system allows for free adaptation to individual needs: it enables the implementation of fully built-in top-mounted roller shutters, partially built-up from the outside or inside, and undeveloped.

Przekrój okna z niezabudowany systemem roletowym Vegas Revo firmy Hosten

roller shutter non-built-in

Przekrój okna z zabudowanym od zewnątrz systemem roletowym Vegas Revo firmy Hosten

roller shutter built-up from the outside

Przekrój okna z zabudowanym od wewnątrz systemem roletowym Vegas Revo firmy Hosten

roller shutter built-up from the inside

Przekrój okna z obustronnie zabudowanym systemem roletowym Vegas Revo firmy Hosten

roller shutter built-up on both sides

Additional features

  • Excellent thermal permeability provided by high-quality Styrofoam or Neopor
  • Bottom or front revision
  • Possibility to make a set of separate rollershutter slat curtains within one box
  • A rich variety of veneer colours to choose from
  • A system for anchoring the box top profile to the window head all across the shutter. This provides for secure fixing of the shutter and window assembly.
  • Excellent winding capacity of the boxes – up to 400 mm in the 260 mm box, up to 355 cm in the 205 mm box, and 200 cm in the 165 mm box