Expanding the Color Range – Black Now Available

Black always fashionable

The interior design world is constantly evolving, offering us new inspirations and design possibilities. With the new year ahead of us comes amazing trends that will transform the living spaces of our customers. Below, we will attempt to present the key directions in interior color schemes for 2024 and provide tips on how to incorporate these trends using the rich color range of Hosten’s shading systems.

2024 Trends

The interiors of 2024 open up to a broader color palette than in previous seasons. Delicate yet bold shades are not only an aesthetic innovation but also an expression of our constant longing for harmony, tranquility, and naturalness. As a result, we are entering an era of warm and cozy colors.

However, such spatial arrangements carry the risk of “oversweetening” the interior, which is why designers often opt for decor elements in stark contrast to pastels, among which elegant black reigns supreme.

The Rule of 3 Repetitions

One of the fundamental principles of composing interior color schemes is the rule of three repetitions, which states that if we decide on a certain color, we should repeat it in the room at least three times. Mixing textures in the same color also looks good, so we can have a green blanket, candlestick, and cushion. In the case of black, elements of lighting, handles, etc., are usually in this color, and thanks to Hosten, also cassettes and other structural elements of internal roller blinds and pleated blinds.

Any colour – so long as it’s black.

The color black (RAL 9005) has been introduced into the offerings of the Vegas Classic, Vegas Classic XL, Vegas Profil, Vegas Klaudia, Vegas Mini Nova, Vegas Mini, and Vegas Plisse systems. In black, we offer all system elements made of plastics and powder-coated, and we also provide the option of wrapping profiles with films in this color. In the case of powder-coated aluminum profiles, a coating with a special structure resistant to scratches and abrasion has been applied.

Hosten Colors

From the very beginning of its operation, Hosten has responded to current trends in the color palette of window joinery and interior design by offering a wide range of wood-like veneers and PVC elements stylized to resemble wood as standard. Of course, there is also the possibility of producing system elements in non-standard colors. Additionally, we are characterized by flexibility in fulfilling orders for custom-wrapped profiles, for which the minimum logistics quantity is only 6 meters. The color palette of elements made of plastics and paint coatings for aluminum profiles is also rich. Just like with veneers, we are able to quickly respond to the non-standard needs of customers with these products.

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