Vegas roller blinds systems are based on a range of original solutions developed for years. Designed with the intention to provide the market with top quality, comfortable, simple system of highly pleasing appearance. The reliable and durable Vegas mechanism is used in all roller blinds models. Its mounting on the outside of the side plate is its key feature that distinguishes it from competitive solutions.

Both assembly, inspection or replacement of the mechanisms, do not require any tools and will take barely a few seconds. This saves valuable time and effort needed to mount, dismount, or maintain the roller blind. The Vegas mechanism contains an extra auto-braking system that stops the fabric in any position without the need to block the pull chain.

Simple and elegant cassette system available in both PVC and aluminium cassette. It is mounted to the glazing bead with four screws. Flat aluminium or PVC runners are attached to glazing beads with a foam tape.


A new version of Vegas Classic system with increased fabric capacity. Like the standard Classic, it is available with both aluminium and PVC cassette and it can be mounted with four screws to the glazing bead.

Vegas Profil is a system that can be fully mounted with a double-sided tape or on non-invasive transparent PVC anchors or screwed to the window frame.


Vegas Mini is a non-cassette system with string guides.This is the cheapest roller blind system that will fit every window and every interior. Its minimum cost goes hand in hand with a range of benefits.

Klaudia is not only an elegant roller blind whose style differs from other products in the market but it also employs new technical solutions that make it far easier to mount and use the shutter.

Classic free-hanging half-cassette system with extended fabric capacity. It can be mounted in various ways:  above the window or on the ceiling or inside the window bay.


Vegas Mix system is an exceptionally innovative product of unique performance and usage qualities. The system is based on an aluminium cassette and string guides. It is mounted with screws to the glazing bead without damaging the window frame.