Many shades of pleated blinds

The Hosten's pleated blinds - Vegas Plisse - are innovative and universal window coverings appreciated by all clients. A perfect solution for windows of any shape and size, including roof windows. Their elegance and unique design make them perfect for any interior.
Pleated blinds give excellent protection from excessive solar radiation. They help to control degree of shade or flows of natural light and heat in the interior. Two mounting types – non-invasive on aluminium or transparent PVC anchors or with the use of specially designed mounting adapters set - provide for fast and easy product mounting.

Vegas Plisse main features:

Vegas Plisse firmy Hosten schemat korzyści | Hosten Vegas Plisse pleated blinds diagram of pros
  1. PVC non-invasive, transparent anchors: designed to mount the plisse in a fast and easy way without using screws
  2. Mounting adapters set: fast, simple and easy way to mount the plisse in the window bay
  3. Nylon strings: stablize the fabric and make it easy to operate the fabric
  4. Vegas Plisse Aluminium Runners: hold the fabric, protect from the sunlight getting through the edges and give stylish window finish
  5. Grip handles: 3 variants, available in various colours.
  6. Wide selection of RAL colours and veneers gives our customers unlimited design possibilities.

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