The best pleated blind on the market in a new edition

Pleated Blind – Innovative Window Shade

The pleated blind is an innovative window shade with versatile applications, highly regarded by all customers. It’s an excellent solution for any window of any shape, size, and even roof windows. Thanks to its elegance and unique design, it perfectly complements any interior. Pleated blinds provide excellent protection against excessive sunlight, allowing for adjustable interior darkening or natural light and heat flow.

Profile Blend – A New Technological Solution

Thanks to new technological solutions, Hosten’s internal blinds offer increasing functionality and convenience in operation. With customers in mind who seek practical solutions dictated by the latest trends, Hosten introduced the new Vegas Plisse PVP16W pleated blind system to its offer.

The pleated blind with a profile blend is a product distinguished by modern design. The specially designed profile shape ensures perfect adherence of the blind to the window sash. New ergonomic profile plugs equipped with a smoothly operating “Soft Click” system provide convenient control and top-level darkening comfort. At the same time, the plug construction prevents the pleat from spontaneously detaching.

Easy Operation and Stability

The construction of the Vegas Plisse PVP16W pleated blind, through the proven practice of cord intertwining and the use of metal sliders in bearings and profile plugs, ensures long and trouble-free use and allows for an extended warranty on the end product.

The pleated profile always moves in a horizontal position, and the fabric does not tilt sideways. The self-locking mechanism known from previous Vegas models enables stopping the blind at any height.

Modernization Without Unnecessary Costs

The use of many construction elements from the PVP15 pleated blind, such as: snap fasteners, bearings, cord fasteners, stiffening strip, or brackets, avoids unnecessary problems and logistical costs associated with introducing a new profile system. Similarly, the machinery park necessary for the production of Vegas Plisse PVP16W largely relies on tools used in the production of the well-known PVP15 pleated blind.

The use of PVP16W profiles combined with the PVPP15 dividing profile allows for the construction of pleated blinds in the “duo” system with two different fabrics, where the upper and lower profiles are PVP16W. The new profile will also perform excellently in pleated blinds with non-standard shapes.

What distinguishes Vegas Plisse with a profile blend?

  • An extended side of the profile and the use of a flat mounting hook prevent light leaks in windows with rounded sashes.
  • The “Soft Click” system prevents the pleat from sliding spontaneously.
  • The only pleated blind of its kind on the market – Your Vegas Plisse will click into place every time, regardless of the profile position.
  • Most components and tools are compatible with PVP15.
  • Increased profile stiffness with reduced mass due to the use of pre-bending technology.
  • The use of bearings reinforced with stainless steel prevents cord and pleat elements from wearing out, ensuring flawless operation and allowing for an extension of the product warranty for up to 5 years.

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