Vegas Mini Nova – Integrated Roller Blind

Integrated Roller Blind

The Vegas Mini Nova internal roller blind system is a new, cassette-free design by Hosten with a minimalist structure and optional cord guidance. Based on the Vegas Mini system, it represents an enhanced version, positioned in the class of economical roller blinds, yet surpassing competing systems in functionality and aesthetics.

Blinds for Online Stores and More

The construction of the roller blind and its installation method make it an excellent product for sale in the e-commerce channel. This form of distribution is facilitated by, among other things, the assembly of the blind during production, which facilitates self-installation by the end customer and ensures integrity during transport. End customers will also appreciate the patented non-invasive mounting system that does not cause the blind to protrude from the window frame, allowing for wide window opening without obstruction.

New Non-Invasive Mounting

The mounting is made of environmentally friendly, fully recyclable materials and is available in two options – standard and extended for windows with vents, allowing for adaptation to any type of window frame. Furthermore, it allows for the production of blinds with greater coil density, which is particularly valuable for day/night type fabrics, without increasing the distance of the blind from the window.

Outpacing the Competition

Compared to competitors, the construction of the Vegas Mini Nova system allows for easy disassembly and enables keeping the window and blind clean. The Vegas Mini Nova system also allows for mounting by sticking the blind to the window frame or in an invasive manner using screws. The aesthetics, but above all the functionality of the finished blind, are also influenced by the use of a subtly hidden PVC connecting strip behind the fabric, which allows for mounting of day/night fabric and completely eliminates fabric bending and folding by being able to be glued to the window frame.

Practical and Aesthetic

In the Vegas Mini Nova roller blind, as was the case in the previous generation of cassette-free roller blind systems by Hosten, safe and aesthetically pleasing cord guidance behind the fabric has been implemented, preventing accidental snagging during use and positively impacting the aesthetics of the finished blind.

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