Vegas Prime – A Roller Blind for Many Applications

The Devil is in the Details

Every now and then, there comes a breakthrough in technology that innovatively improves life or brings savings. It might seem that everything has already been invented in the sun protection industry, but “the devil is in the details.” At Hosten, we found that detail that can enhance the functionality of external blinds.

External blinds are subjected to extreme weather conditions throughout the year, such as wind, rain, snow, temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet radiation, and daily airborne dust or bird droppings. A commonly used solution to these problems is the use of built-in boxes, but it is not always feasible. At Hosten, when designing the Vegas Prime blind system, we wanted to give customers the choice of every option. Our Prime system is where function collaborates with form.

What is unique about the Prime blind?

Shape matters. The key part of the Vegas Prime system – the cover, whose form we developed through an intensive design and experimental process, is a combination of a shape that prevents the accumulation of contaminants and an elegant blind line that doesn’t need to be hidden from the world. The upper part of the blind box has a profiled shape at an optimal angle, from which contaminants simply slide off or fall, acting invasively on the blinds. Additionally, the rear line of the side flap has an appropriate profiled angle affecting the stability of the box, so we don’t need to securely attach it to the wall.

The shape of the box also allows for the installation of a solar panel to power the blind automation system at an optimal angle of 30-40 degrees.

Design in Service of Functionality

Another important element of the construction is the tightness of the box, guaranteeing the correct functioning of the blind mechanisms for many years. We achieved this through a special shape of the Vegas Prime side cover, which ensures the blind’s high resistance. These features ensure the long-term trouble-free operation of the blind, while it remains “designer” as well. There’s no need to hide it for aesthetic reasons because it’s simply elegant. Of course, besides default wall mounting, it’s possible to install Prime blinds in window recesses or under plaster.

Particular attention should be paid to the possibility of using the same box system in both surface-mounted and recess-mounted versions; in the latter case, we only need two small additional system components.

Material Quality = Product Longevity

The materials from which Prime is built, mainly high-quality aluminum, are resistant to weather conditions such as temperature changes or UV radiation. We are witnessing climate change. Weather conditions are becoming increasingly variable and sometimes violent throughout the year, with more frequent scorching sun in summer and various precipitation and strong winds in autumn and winter. Vegas Prime is ready for this because we focus on material quality and thoughtful construction.

A System Tailored to Consumer Needs, Even with a Mosquito Net!

Primarily, Prime comes in three sizes. The commercial names are Vegas Prime 138, 165, and 185. Each of these groups offers different box sizes and maximum dimensions.

The largest possibilities are, of course, with Vegas Prime 185. It reaches a height of even 338 cm (including the box). With Prime 165, we can cover an area of up to 239 cm, and Vegas Prime 138 is the smallest box, but still with significant capabilities: with a diameter of a few centimeters of the box, we can achieve a height of 160 cm. An additional advantage is also the range of colors and finishes in which the Prime shading system is sold. There are over 30 color variants, both painted and veneered. For recess-mounted blind installations, it’s also possible to order the system without veneers and paint coatings.

Integrated mosquito nets are a very popular solution among our customers. This functionality expands the blind’s capabilities, slightly modifying its performance. For Vegas Prime 138 blinds, it’s possible to achieve a maximum height including the box of 138 cm, for the 165 version – 215 cm, and 250 cm for Prime 185.

Who is the Vegas Prime offer addressed to?

In short, to anyone who values quality and interesting design, understands investing in solutions that ensure reliability and timelessness. To all customers who want to enjoy the benefits of surface-mounted and recess-mounted blinds without the need to use different profile systems and maintain extensive stock levels. Quality is an international concept, so we are confident that this approach will ensure continuous sales to both Polish and European customers as before.
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